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  • You can search or browse lists that are made public without registering

  • Once you register, you can create your own lists for whatever you want (e.g. Shopping, Packing, Cat names etc.)

  • The lists that you create will be private when you create them. They can only be seen by you when you are logged in

  • You can share a list with anyone else by clicking the "Share list" button and sending them the link that is created

  • Once a share link has been accepted, you can grant "write" access to the list using the permissions section at the bottom. In this way you can create collaborative lists

  • You can make any of your lists public, by clicking "Make public". This means that the whole world is able to see it (but not change it)

  • You can change any of your lists into checklists, by clicking "Make into Checklist". When you check a box on this list, we will store the fact that it has been checked

  • You can make any of your lists into an ordered list - you will see the numbers appear beside the items in your list

  • To edit an item on your list, just click on the text and change it. A delete button will also appear allowing you to remove that particular item

  • If you want to create your own list based on an existing list press "Clone list". This creates your own copy of the list, so you can change it as you wish

  • If you have any suggestions or improvements to the site, please add to the "LIST SITE SUGGESTIONS" list (you have to be logged in)

  • Happy listing!



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