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Please add your suggestions and improvements for the list site to this list and we will consider adding/fixing them. Note, you have to be logged in to add to this list


  • Add folders to home area to organise lists easier

  • If you’re not logged in, you should get a clear “you’re not logged in” banner

  • Getting lots of 500 s

  • When I go to https://thelistsite.org when already logged in, I need to click 'home' to see my lists. I think https://thelistsite.org/ should redirect to /home when logged in

  • List items should be moveable, ie move up or down

  • People should be able to subscribe to updates - if someone adds or deletes a list item, or if an item is checked off

  • If you come back to the page after a timeout has occurred, the page doesn't update if you try to ammend a list (or presumably check a checkbox). We should have a warning banner or suchlike, warning the user they need to log back in. Or maybe abandon the timeout totally?




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